13 Jun

Lessons I Learnt From my Father


In our growing up years we take almost everything for granted. The roof on our head, the food on the table, the cocooned life that we lead and most of all we take for granted – our parents.

To us they are omnipresent. That they will always be there no matter what, for as long as we live. We forget that they too are mortals and we need to cherish and appreciate their presence in our lives before it is too late.

Our relationship with our mother and father goes through a gamut of emotions, they start off being our sole connection to this big wide world and from thereon they are our friend, our guide, our teacher, our punching bag and even our enemy at times! Come what may though, they remain the two individuals who stand besides you as your rock, your support through every hardship in life and your cheerleader through all the good times.


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With Father’s Day approaching, my mind very obviously, keeps playing and replaying all the wonderful moments that I spent with my own father. I lost my father at an early age and with each passing year, and each passing experience, when I turn around and do not find him, I realise what I am missing in life.

He was the most wonderful dad any daughter could ask for, protective and yet permissive, fun and strict all at the same time. Grief has many stages, and with age, the final stage of acceptance sets in. That is the hardest of all though. To return to normalcy and to try and embrace a loved one’s absence at the same time is a challenge, a challenge I face even till now.


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In the short period of time that I spent with my father, he taught me many life lessons. Papa taught me to take life as it comes, that there will be sunny days and then there will be those dark stormy ones, I just need to keep my chin up and sail through each day with a heart full of gratitude and a smile on my lips. Another thing that I learnt from my father was that there is no greater religion that hard work.

Laziness does not pay, never say no to work, work keeps both your mind and body fit. Papa also taught me to appreciate the smaller things in life and have a sense of humour. Not to take life too seriously, to laugh at life , no one likes a grumpy person, try and be the sunshine in everyone’s life. I try and follow my dad’s word every day to the T.


I could keep going on and on about what Papa meant to me, what I learnt from him and how I should have held onto those moments a little bit longer, but all I will say is that I miss him and love him from the deepest parts of my heart. Papa-  Thank you for being my guardian angel and Happy Father’s Day to you wherever you are.

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