10 Mar

Last Minute Tips & Checklist For Board Exams!


Worried about your 10th and 12th board exams? Don’t know what to carry to the exam and how to be prepared for the final day?

Giddy up, it’s that deciding juncture any and every school going kid faces, the 10th and 12th  board examinations.

You have spent all year preparing for these exams, keep your cool.

Do not panic…I repeat DO…NOT….panic..breathe in…breathe out…repeat once again…better?

You need to bring your A game to the table so eat well, revise and go to sleep in time. Don’t try and learn something new at the last moment, it will just confuse you further. Listen to some calming music, take a walk in the park and get some fresh air and tell yourself that you can do it!  While you are unwinding post revision, arrange your bag for the next day. Make sure that you carry a convenient bag wherein you can locate all your items. Don’t carry anything too clumsy and bulky. Here is a checklist of all the items you need to keep in your bag, I promise you, it is quite a therapeutic exercise and you will feel more relaxed and confident once you have your bag in place.

Admit Card

First and foremost your admit card needs to be in place. The admit card contains all the necessary details such as your roll number, examination centre etc. These would have been available from your school or in today’s date, available online, make sure you have downloaded it and printed it out. It is also advisable to keep a copy of your admit card handy in case you misplace the original one.


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I hope you have bought yourself a nice pencil case, something that perks you up, maybe one with a pic of your favourite movie star or rock star on the face of it. Even better, something inspirational written on it, to boost your morale during the examination.  Fill it up with the necessary stash. Make sure you have spare black and blue pens so that you aren’t in a fix in the middle of your paper! Clear out your pencil case of bits of paper or chits if there are any, you don’t want the invigilator to think you were up to something that you clearly weren’t!!! Oh, and don’t forget the exam board kids!


Image source: studytildawn.tumblr.com


CBSE has issued a circular for children suffering from Type 1 diabetes that they can keep certain food items such as apples, oranges, candy, sandwiches, water etc. so that they don’t get hypoglycaemic. So stash your favourite chocolate bar to munch away during the paper!!  Else if you are allowed chewing gum then pop one before you sit down to write, apparently helps with concentration.

AMSTERDAM - Leerlingen van het Barlaeus gymnasium in Amsterdam buigen zich maandag over hun eindexamen Nederlands. Het centraal schriftelijk examen is maandag van start gegaan. Het VWO trapt af met het eindexamen Nederlands. ANP MARCEL ANTONISSE

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1. Don’t forget to wear your watch for sure!!
2. I would also recommend that you carry some Vaseline or chapstick and some face wipes in your bag to quickly freshen up post the paper.


Image Source: watchfinder.co.uk

Snacks for post exam time

After so much of brain work you would be physically and mentally exhausted, so make sure you have some energy bar or some nuts and biscuits stashed away and munching while discussing the paper with your friends outside the exam hall.

Students eating pizza on college campus (Blend Images via AP Images)

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Now that your bag is set…best of luck to all of you appearing for the Board Exams. Early to bed and early to rise. Reach your exam centre on time, read your paper before you start writing the answers and double check what your write. Keep cool and calm and rock the Boards!


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