26 Dec

Kill The Post-Christmas Hangover With These Tricks


The Christmas lights dispel darkness for not just one evening, but lights up the festivity that follows. Whether it’s the snow or lack of it, nothing dampens the Christmas spirit than the end of Christmas night.

The day after Christmas is known as Boxer’s Day and while its significance hasn’t penetrated our culture yet, it shouldn’t stop us from continuing the celebrations.

So here’s a list of things you could do.

1. Make sure that you’ve enough leftovers of the plum cake. You won’t understand the difference much of Christmas getting over, if the tummy and the tongue remains satisfied.


2. Don’t take off the Christmas decorations. Let the socks hang and bells jingle in the small Christmas tree in your living room. The sparkle in the eye of the miniature Santa Claus will remain the same.

3. Drape yourself in your festive best. Let the reds and greens overpower all the colours in your wardrobe.

4. Making eggnog is a brilliant way to keep the Christmas spirit alive.

5. Christmas is all about giving and your old clothes may find a warmer home in the hands of the ones in need.

Red & White-01

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