14 Oct

Kenya-Perfect Romantic Getaway Destination!


If there is any country that offers unmatched wildlife experience, it has got to be Kenya.

Diversity in landscapes, rich in flora and fauna, from beaches to the peaks of Mt. Kenya, every experience is like a never before one!

Here are our must do’s for couples looking for a romantic time while in Kenya!

 Outdoor Safari

A safari holiday is an adventure everyone should undertake! Kenyan Safari is synonymous with the Masai Mara Reserve, to see so many beautiful wild animals in one space is nothing like what they show on television, it’s a breathtaking experience in real life! While heading out for the safari, ensure that you have your essentials such as sunscreen, water, camera, bug repellent, goggles, binoculars all safely stashed in your smart and trendy tote!


Perfect bag to carry all your essentials while on a Safari

 Hot Air Balloon Ride

To gaze into the horizon and watch the sunrise over the Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem from a height is another level of luxury altogether! While in Kenya a hot air balloon ride is a must. They have personalized packages for couples and honeymooners too, so ensure that you make the ride as memorable as possible, dress up for the occasion and carry a fiery red bag to complement the blazing sun!


Super stylish tote in super stylish colors.

 A Romantic Meal

Kenya isn’t just about wildlife and nature, Nairobi and Mombasa are cosmopolitan and chic cities and have great nightlife options too! Since this trip also marks our wedding anniversary, I and Rohit have decided to make it extra special by planning a special meal for two…. It’s a toss- up between under the stars at Masai Mara itself or one of the trendiest clubs in town! Ill let you know what we decide on!

The easiest carry on while on a romantic date is a clutch, looks the part and houses your basics too!!


On a romatic date, carry this black velvet sling bag!

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