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India’s Top 5 Breathtaking Campuses!

India's Top 5 Breathtaking Campuse

College days were wonderful weren’t they…sigh all that nostalgia. Bunking classes to sit and chit chat, secretly passing notes in class, attending early morning classes with the secret motive of checking out that cute professor, pretending to take notes but actually filling up your notepad with doodles…yes been there done that!

It’s a totally different story though if your campus is seriously beautiful and that by itself is motivation enough to step into college everyday just to feel rejuvenated and refreshed!

Here is a roundup of some of India’s most picturesque campus, if you are lucky to be an alumni, then good for you, for the rest of you, if you are in the vicinity try and check them out.

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

The campus is situated very comfortably in Bangalore, near to all facilities and yet far away from the maddening crowd. This little oasis in the middle of the city is a place of tranquillity. There are various exotic plants and trees that grow here. There are several departments and the route to each department is named after the tree species which is prevalent there. So you have Badami Marg, Gulmohar Marg, Silver Oak Marg etc. J.N. Tata’s sculpture graces the main building. The campus has cafeterias, restaurants, sports grounds and even residential buildings. All in all it’s a township in itself.


Image Source: ibtimes.co.in

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Forest Research Institute, Dehradun

About 1300 acres of forest and well manicured garden, the main building has been declared a national heritage and the other buildings are styled in Greeco-Roman architecture making the whole campus stunningly beautiful. You just cannot take your eyes off from the whole setting!


Image Source: Scoopwhoop.com

Symbiosis International University, Lavasa Campus

 Set amidst the new township set up near Pune, One could not ask for a more breathtaking place to study. It is actually as if you are sitting amongst the clouds. Coexisting with nature, its as if you and your environment are one. Far away from the city, the peace and tranquillity available here is perfect to absorb all that your course has to offer. Furthermore, it is a green zone, practicing rain water harvesting and the only form of transportation allowed is cycles.


Image Source: sibmpune.edu.in

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NIT, Karnataka

 I mean this campus has its own private beach!! What would you give to be studying here!! Imagine, sitting on the beach and doing your revision, when your mind gets a bit too muddled, you take a dip in the ocean and then get back to studying. Heavenly. Not just that, this place has its own lighthouse too. Imagine all the sunsets and sunrises you can witness. This place has on campus residence, and all other facilities necessary to ensure that you needn’t leave campus unless you really have to.


Image Source: nitk.ac.in

NIT Srinagar

To study in a campus on heaven on earth. Another experience altogether. This residential campus is located along the banks of Dal Lake. It offers a breathtaking view of the Himalayan Range. This campus has residence, guest houses, banks and all other facilities. Imagine going to class, while walking under a boulevard of snow capped trees, could  anything be anymore magical?


Image Source: collegedunia.com

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