13 Sep

Impress A Man With Your Bag!


What does it take to impress a man? Good looks, presentable outfit, intelligent conversation, good humour…the list is exhaustive!

Yet, to be able to catch his eye for that very first time there needs to be something so unique about you. How about using your handbag or purse for that very purpose?

First up remember, your bag speaks a lot about you and your personality. They convey to the world whether you are a girly girl, a classy girl, a sporty girl or a bohemian girl! So depending on the signals you want to send out to him, chose your bag wisely!

Fascinate him! Carry a bag so exclusive, in colour, medium or shape that it catches his eye from across the room! From a box clutch to a round sling, from a cylindrical duffel to a crescent hobo there are quite a few unique shapes to chose from!

Your handbag acts as a conversation starter, if nothing else he might approach you just to complement you on your choice and at the max use a corny but cute pick up line and from there on you can take the chit chat ahead!

In a more formal setting a guy might even approach you at times for something that you might be carrying in your bag, be intuitive carry such a thing that you know a man might need for and it will get him to say the words you have been waiting for!

Your Bag can be your trustworthy “wing-woman” if used correctly!


Bling up your ensemble with this one of a kind Clutch


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