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These days, kids are busier than the parents. The toddlers have to serve an important duty of plopping their way to kindergarten, and then spending the evenings prepping for primary school.

Among all this, they miss out on quality time with their parents or grandparents. They may not even be taken to the playground to play and miss having a sibling around. To give your child the company and love he deserves, get a pet.

While it may not be a huge time investment on your side, it’ll change the world for them. Your child will learn to share his space with another creature, almost without expecting anything in return.

He will learn how to take care of another creature, even if in the smallest way.

He’ll always have a friend in them because your pet can only be his best cuddle toy, one who will listen to all the gibberish that your child keeps uttering all day.

While you’re gifting your kid the cutest pet in the world, also get this equally adorable school backpack for them.

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