3 Dec

I Am A One Bag Person


There are always people with tons of bags. Like they weren’t bags and they were shoes. It’s perfectly acceptable to have an enormous rack of shoes—one for gym, one for office, 6 million for a night out. You can never have enough shoes. Just like you can’t have enough calories in a McDonalds burger.

Bags are different, aren’t they? We put our lives inside them. If someone rummaged through your bag, they’d know what kind of person you are.The kind of books you read, the fragrance (or not) you wear, what kind of work you do, what kind of clothes do you like, and even the kind of sins you like to keep.

So why then do some people sit there with a selection of 10 bags? While this may sound like a girl issue—you’d be surprised to know how many men sit there and decide which bag they’re going to take out today. Like some rich dude admiring his garage full of million dollar HotWheels.

A lot of people wear the same thing every day to focus on the things that matter. Mark Zuckerberg does it, Steve Jobs did it—but you already knew that. Turns out so did Einstein and Christopher Nolan!

When your bag carries your world—why be unfaithful to it? Here are some quick reasons why you need one kick ass bag and you need to stand by it!


Why sit and bother wasting time, pick a neutral enough color to start with—and it’ll go with everything. Cut down on stress!

One place to rule it all!3a

How many times have you told the police officer that you left your license in the other bag? Or your phone bore the brunt of missing chargers because today was pastel’s day? Keep it all in one place, so when you need it most—it’s right there!

More money!

This one is a no-brainer! Spend that money on things to put inside the bag and accessories around it. Customize the bag further; make it like a shrine for all things you!

Fewer decisions

Unless you spend your day staring out of the window counting how many buses pass, chances are you’ve to make several decisions. Don’t let the bag be one of ‘em.

Become Iconic

What we wear and what we carry often have lasting impressions on people. If people start associating you with that one hot bag, it’ll make you much more memorable. What’s better—if you become famous, it’ll be easier for kids to dress up like you!

Your personal bag should be a command center.  The center of the universe. The Sun. Okay maybe some of us at The Bag Talk are a bit obsessed about our bags. Show us your One True Bag Love!

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