6 Sep

I Am In Love With The Shape Of You


Variety is the spice of life, isn’t it? Why carry a boring shaped bag when you have a whole gamut of options awaiting you?!?

Here are some bag shapes that are a must own!


Round is the rage these days! A circular shaped sling bag or even a round hard clutch lends a playful and flirty twist to your look and breaks the monotony of the usual.


Depending on the size, if it’s large for gym or luggage purposes, it’s a duffle or a barrel bag, if it’s a woman’s companion for the evening then it’s probably a doctors bag. These bags are spacious, classy and functional all at the same time!! Check out this stripped Duffel bag from Chioma Accesories that will blow you away.


A versatile bag can accompany you for brunch as well as to the gym!


From the trustworthy totes, to the funky messengers and satchels, they usually confirm to the four sided shape. Fancy and elegant box clutches that come in squares or rectangles are the latest fad.


Could be a hobo or a baguette bag.  Very convenient to sling on your shoulders and an evergreen style that will suit women of all ages!

With so many options at your disposal, which one is it going to be today?

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