8 Dec

How To Pack For Your Kids?


To the bleary eyed father and the puffy-faced mother. Packing for their kids’ vacation bags can often seem to be a nightmare. That’s usually because of the many stages that come before the actual packing takes place.

The children are usually stuck in gay abandon and don’t care much for the bag itself. They’re running around you in circles when you’re trying to get something productive done.

So we sat and observed 1492 children and their parents, and the following advice is distilled from that extensive, exhaustive, and in-numerous research. No we’re kidding; we just called our cousins who have kids. But they seem to manage just fine, so perhaps will you. Let’s launch into it!

Modular bags.

These days several great brands will give you the option of buying an Inception bag. Which means there’s a bag inside a bag inside a bag inside a bag. Instead of packing separately for your kids, why not get one modular and fit their tiny things within your big one. Leaves their packing out of the equation—and you can easily give them their mini-bags when they’re inside their room and take it back when you’re departing.

Get the children involved

If you make it a treasure hunt, or a puzzle/Lego game—think of how easily you could get y
our kids to help you pack their bags. Set the context, give them some tips, then take a step back and just intervene if they’re totally off track, and finally reward their performance with a treat. Treat’s the most important bit in that whole schbang. Your kids will be a little more responsible, and they’ll learn how to make a boring chore into a fun activity (which is a great lesson for life, because 99% of our children will be chained to their gray cubicles).

Buy some fancy bags18a

This is the throw money at the problem till it solves itself way. Time tested, proven in global soci
eties and super-effective. Ask your kid (if you don’t already know) about their favorite superheroine/hero (subtle feminism plug –in). Go online, get the fanciest bag for them. If they love the bag, they’ll want to be around it. It’s as simple as saying ‘Hey Kids, Elsa bag time!” and watch them help you with everything!

Weave a story

Our personal favorite is a little effort-heavy, but hey your kids will love you and that’s more important than point 3 anyway. Every trip should be an adventure for them, a story with layers added will make them the heroines and heroes! And while traditionally heroes don’t pack their bags–here’s a great opportunity to make them more self-reliant. Make the backpacking sound like they’re gearing up for battle, or prepping supplies for the wild out there. What’s more, you’ll end up making them more creative too!

As always, you can make sure to keep lots of toiletries, diapers and wet wipes handy for them. One or two toys, try and avoid the iPad till they’re 6 years old (research says so!), pack for the weather you’re facing and always–always have a book with the kids.

So here we do, are you hiding some great ideas beyond this to make packing for kids easier? Tell us!

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