7 Feb

How To Make A Surprise Card For Your Friend

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Your best friend may have forgotten all about the long, flowy dress you gifted her on her birthday or the book that she has just added to her dusty shelf because life doesn’t give her too much time to continue reading.

But what she will never forget is a surprise and there’s nothing like adding a nice, delightful handmade card to the mix. On Send A Card To A Friend Day, we present ideas that will make you your friend’s favorites for decades.

  1. Social media photos may get lost after 24 hours, but the ones that stay forever are the ones that are signed, sealed and delivered. Take the craziest photos and make a collage card that your friend can display with pride.
  2. Collect napkins from all the restaurants/bars that you’ve visited and add a memory on them. Make a card of nicely arranged napkins and you have a physical collage of all your Facebook check-ins.
  3. If she’s a sucker for food, you can make cute cardboard cutouts of muffins and pizzas, and stuff them all in an attractive card that looks like a table. Because nothing seals your friendship than a common love for food.

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