12 Mar

How to keep your Skin Holi-ready!


Worried about Holi for your skin? Here’s the best tips for keeping your skin perfect during Holi!

Rang Barse!! Its spring time and our favourite “holi”-day is back with a bang!! Colours, endless parties, food, friends, bhang and insanity, everything is forgiven and allowed during this time.

The only thing though that is a pain, is all the residue colour on your skin and those godawful rashes once Holi is over and the pink colour that comes off your hair during a wash for the next one year!!

So, with Holi around the corner, it is time to stock up on skin and hair care essentials. Doesn’t matter which end of the Holi spectrum you are, what I mean is whether you play with herbal colours and flower petals or with mud and paint, you need to ensure that your skin remains rash and zit free post the aftermath. Grab your vanity bag and stock up as I say, hopefully you won’t look like a Na’vi post Holi!

Oil up – Mustard and Coconut Oil are your best bet. The thicker the oil the easier it will be to wash the paint off. The oil will sit as a barrier between all that toxic colour and your skin. Leave no inch uncovered, from head to toe and yes even in the no go zones!!!


Image Source: well-beingsecrets.com

Nailpaint – Apply a generous coat or two of nail paint on your fingers and toes. Survival trick : apply paint on the inner part of the nail too and let the paint spill over the cuticles so as to save all the adjoining areas from turning an awful pink later on. Once the nailpaint dries generously apply oil or Vaseline all over your nails.

Image Source: nailpolis.com

Hair ties, scarf or a wig – If you have short hair, you are better off buying a wig, there are quite a few funky ones available around this time and it’s a lot of fun too! For longer hair either tie it up in a tight bun or braid it. You can wear a bandana or scarf and cover your hair if you wish to.

Image Source: huffingtonpost.in

Lip balm, longstay lipstick – Keep a lip balm slathered on at all times or a long stay lipstick thickly applied. Will make it all the more easier to get the colour off your lips.

Image Source: theatlantic.com

Make up remover and wipes – To deal with the post holi regime ensure you have a good make up remover and some wipes stashed away. You could also keep some baby oil, apply it all over you face and remove the colour. Works wonders.

Image Source: reference.com

Bodywash and body scrub – for your post holi shower keep a effective body scrub and wash in place to remove all those colour particles from your skin. Keep an aromatic body wash to make you feel rejuvenated after all that tiring play!

Image Source: skincarebymaringa.com

Body lotion or body butter – After all that your skin undergoes, during and post holi you sure need to pamper it with some TLC. Indulge in a nice calming lotion or body butter and slather it on to soothe the soreness.

Image Source: thelittlepine.com

So that’s about it! Stash away these items in your bag and you are good to go! Have a safe and happy holi peeps!!

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