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How To Ace In College!

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Starting off college, as a fresher can be scary.

The course itself, having to reinvent yourself, and make new friends, at the same time manage your seniors and create a good and lasting impression on them and the faculty, it is all very demanding.

One has to shuttle between classes, extracurricular, homework, assignments, part time jobs and internships, friends and family, newfound social life, sports and what not!!

The trick is in maintaining and balancing all these aspects of your new life.



You should have everything planned and prepped beforehand so that you don’t get flustered when you get to college.
Firstly, get yourself a good planner. It’s not only for office goers, its as useful for college students too. To keep track of classes, assignments, practical’s, various co-curricular activities etc. Make note of your monthly and weekly activities, jot down your goals for that period and keep reviewing to see how far you have come.


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Now that you have an idea of your how you would be spaced out, prep your folders and notepads for your classes. If you are allowed to take laptops, dedicate separate folders to each subject and try and make outline notes a night in advance w.r.t. what you shall study in class the next day, that way you shall be a step ahead and clued in totally.


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Make sure you eat well before you hit the campus. The frenzy of it all can be overwhelming and meal times can go haywire. If you are short on time, remember to carry your breakfast in your bag. The Street Smart by Hashtag is a viable option for college!



Be friendly and approachable. Try and interact with as many people in class during your first few days. This way, you will be noticed by all and you yourself will understand the pulse of your classmates and who you can gel with for long term purposes. Pro-tip do not be overbearing and over smart, humility is the key if you want people to genuinely like you and be your friend.


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Remember you do not have to do anything that makes you uncomfortable, just because you need to impress people and make friends. Learn to say No. Looking back you will feel like a fool for doing it, and you will also realise that the people you were trying to impress aren’t the people who you befriended eventually, so effort wasted. Your mantra is- be yourself.

Don’t carry the world to college. Be smart while packing your bag. Carry essential such as a lip balm, comb, water, pens, books and a snack. Don’t make your bag too heavy, else you shall be left with severe back and shoulder pain.
A cool backpack such as the Striker by Hashtag is the perfect choice for all your college related stash!



Make sure that you don’t overdo while signing up for extracurricular. It’s good to be enthusiastic but you also need to be realistic. Play to your strengths initially and once settled in the course, then try out new activities.


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So those were my tips to get through the initial days. Any other tips that you think should be kept in mind?

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