28 Nov

How Manly Is Your Murse?


Is your manliness measured by your murse…or should we say purse?

Have you ever seen an Indian man holding a purse that looks like it belongs to him? Chances are a big fat no. It could be due to the strong gender stereotypes that still plague our society (much like the rest of humanity).

But having said that,

Indian men are no strangers to holding bags that aren’t theirs. You’ve done it for your mum, your elder sister, your girlfriend(s), your wife and eventually your daughter. They’re not satchels, or postal bags, or sling-ons, or backpacks. Now those are man bags. Or are they?


For the uninitiated (and thank god for them, otherwise who’d read this?)—there is a strange invention that’s been around for a while. It’s a purse, but for men.

Yeah, and fittingly they call it a murse.

Not making this up, it’s been around far longer than Honey Singh and the hem shirt, or our unnatural obsession with six-packs (of beer). It looks a lot like something a lady would carry, but instead—there’s men
out there. Casually waltzing across streetwalks, with such a large carrier, making all of us wonder what is that they’re carrying?

21bMost of these people are famous. Which makes it easier for them to do things, I mean imagine turning up to office with a murse. You know your promotion is going to be rescinded immediately, the pretty girl in HR is downgrading you too, and maybe your boss stops taking you to meetings.

But does that mean you can’t carry something nouveau and sometimes fashionable? Not at all. Look at ol’ Pharrell Williams. Yes he’s more stylish than we’ll be in seven generations; he’s also very talented and rich. But he’s got something that you and I can cultivate.

It’s called comfort and a sense of confidence in being you.

The murse is a subtle way of raging against the machine. That has told men how to behave, how to talk, how to sit, how to walk, how to emote, and hell how (not) to cry!

Your murse doesn’t have to scream for attention like Pharrell’s. It could be a lot more understated, safe and comfortable!

So relax man! A bag doesn’t define your gender, or the way you feel. It’s not emasculating either. Just think of how much oomph you’d exude holding a murse up. You’re a man in spite of what you carry, the murse gives you the opportunity to slam that to the world—loud and clear.

And hey, it’s way better than carrying your preppy backpack around when you need to carry stuff that’s not a card holder and pen.

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