16 Oct

Gym Bag Essentials!


Your gym bag is a reflection of your fitness style. It is your Pandora’s box of all the things that you might need to make your fitness regime complete.

You want to lift weights at the gym..not on the way to the gym!

Ensure that you carry only the essentials that you need so as not to clutter your bag. Here are our recommendations of the must haves:

Your workout gear

You might be heading to the gym post work or a meeting, not always dressed appropriately for a workout. Keep a clean pair of gym wear in your bag, the sweat absorbent kinds, also stock up on your towel and clean socks while you are at it!


Flaunt your healthiness and coolness with this Authetic gym Bag!


Your water bottle or flask is your lifeline at the gym. After a good cardio workout, you need to hydrate yourself don’t you!? You could get a decent flask that will keep your cold water chilled enough to refresh you when you need it!


Are you working proffessional, this is the best bag to carry to your gym!


A stick, roll on or spray…this is a must since all that sweat is going to have an unsavoury effect on you! Its also one of the things people forget to pack, so put it in your bag right at the beginning and save yourself the embarrassment of later!


Travel effortlessly with more than 3 meals with this six pack bag!


Another thing that a lot of people forget to stash in their gym bag! To listen to your personalized workout playlist and get that sweat going, remember to  keep a pair of decent headphones for sure!
These were four things you just cannot forget to keep….is there anything else that you cannot do without at the gym???


Look hot & workout like Karan Patel, carry this Travel gym bag!

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