2 Feb

Good Things Come In Small Packages  

Ihe shortest month of the year is here, and it has brought along with it a little bit of winter, a little bit of spring and a whole lot of love in the air.

Long story short, it’s time to celebrate the smaller joys in life that we usually tend to ignore. Just like February packs in a punch with all its little nuances, let’s look at some things that are small apparently, but are larger than life.

  1. Shots – Whether it’s coffee, tequila or even chocolate- shots give you that kick that larger amounts of the same can’t.
  2. Small islands for travelling – Seychelles or Tonga, the islands are geographically lesser spaces to cover but the sights that they have to offer are out of this world. Makes one realize how the Universe has kept its precious gems hidden in the smallest of places.
  3. Social media content – Whether it’s memes or microfiction, content has become snackable to align with the attention span of the millenials. But the impact? Sometimes, even higher than a full-fledged novel or a 3-hour long movie.
  4. Small clutches – When you’re choosing a clutch for yourself, make sure it complements your height. And here’s something that we have for the adorable cuties who may not have topped in the height department but end up winning hearts anyway.

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