6 Oct

Glam Up Your Party Wear With Japanese Bead Bags


Occasion wear bags have a niche of their own – they need to be ornate, fit in the basics and not look jarring. In a country like ours, ethnic and western wear are equally likely to be picked up for glitzy events. Thus the bag in question must rise up to both with comparable elan.

In addition, the fashion savvy consumer is always on the look out for unique statement makers that also exude an aura of luxury.

Offer all the above at an affordable price point, and you have at hand a winning formula that would resonate with the smart fashionistas.

On my quest to discover gems from the handbag industry, I stumbled upon Japanese beads. These are fine beads with lustrous finishes, in a range of colors and precision shapes – which when put together in painstaking handcrafted patterns produce a beaded tapestry with a dazzling effect that is muted yet elegant. The best of these beads are manufactured in Japan.


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It requires specialized skill to work with these beads and create the unique final product. These are not the traditional, commonly used embellishments on bags, and hence would appeal well to those having a taste for the finer elements.

Further exploration led me to the brands that actually create such masterpieces and I discovered the latest collection of LovetoBag. These bags that are arm and eye candy both at once. The latest collection is inspired by the rainbow where colors seamlessly melt into each other.

It’s the same effect that you see on the iridescent hues of these bags that come in the forms of bucket or potli bags, clutches and also a backpack.

With the festive season about to kick off, trust these LovetoBags beauties to add the much needed glam quotient to your ethnic, western and fusion wear alike!


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