8 May

Gifting Ideas for Mothers Day!


Mothers Day is on 14th May and you have ample time to plan and figure out what you would like to pamper your mother with.

Take into account all mothers in your life, starting with your own mother ofcourse, your grandmother/s, aunt, mother- in- law, even your best friend’s mom who has taken you in and fed you in times of dire need!

Mothers day

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Starting with the obvious but sweet- breakfast in bed, pamper her with her favourite food and let her luxuriously laze around and take her time with it. You could plan a day out for her, book a spa appointment or maybe tickets to a movie that she wants to see, give her vouchers to her favourite store and let her splurge. You could gift her a vacation if you can afford to be super indulgent, and also be able to function in her absence! But to begin with you do need to give her a gift!  “The gift” wrapped up all pretty, the same way she wraps all your gifts with utmost TLC and watch her face, the way she does yours, when you unwrap the gift with super excitement!

Mommy can carry a snazzy backpack if she gets to go on that much deserved vacation! Odessa by AHR will fit all her essentials!



Here are some suggestions for unique gifts that you could gift your mommy on her day:
If you mom is a tea lover (which most moms are) get her some exclusive loose tea blends or tisanes. There are various designer tea stores that have opened up everywhere and allow you to blend you own tea. You could also get her a teacup/teapot combo for one. Petite tea infusers are a good option, they are the cutest!! If she is a coffee lover, again you could get her favourite coffee and beautiful French press to make her own java.

Tea cup

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Maybe tea and coffee don’t cut it for her and what gets her up and about is a nice chilled glass of red! You could then get her her favorite bottle of wine or a cute wine opener, maybe throw in a wine chiller too. The best one though is a bottle with a glass attached, solves her problems instantly!!!

pouring wine by the fireplace

pouring wine by the fireplace

A mom is responsible for keeping the family together; keep track of everything for everyone. From meals, to homework, to social commitments, to family budgeting, to classes, to keeping the house on track…everything! Therefore, the most obvious and helpful gift is to get her a beautiful planner or a journal which she can personalize and use to keep track of it all. Throw in some beautiful stationary for her to use with the planner, I mean who doesn’t love beautiful pens and pencils and the works!


Image Source: youtube.com

You could always get her a pretty bag. Moms can never have enough bags can they. They always look for functional handbags which can fit the whole world inside! This time around get her a quirky bag that she can carry to the market, a tote maybe.

The Live love laugh tote by Earthbags suits the bill!

Live love laugh


Gift her make-up and toiletries or jewellery even. Look at what the new trends are and get her what you think will look good on her but she won’t ever end up buying. Matte nail paints are big in the market today so is cheek and lip tints. An exclusive lip balm or a body sorbet in an exotic scent, for the summer heat. Bath bombs in funky flavour or even some hand cream to soothe her tired hands. You could even get her a funky make up bag to keep all of it in!

nail paint

Image Source: Nolond. com.

Her comfort should be your utmost priority, so gift accordingly. Sleep masks come in the cutest of designs these days. A kimono robe or a smart kaftan to lounge in is great options too. If your mommy loves reading, gift her e-books on her device or if she loves leafing through magazines (that is one guilty pleasure), get her a year’s subscription to her favourite one! Get her a nice keepsake bookmark along with it.  Some scented candles for her to relax to and if you want to fit it all in, I suggest make a gift basket for her, with all her favourite stuff and some that you would like for her to have and trust me nothing can top that!! So what are you waiting for! Go indulge your mommy! She deserves it


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