12 Jun

Gift for Dad under 999!

Gift for Dad

That time of the year again to tell the most special man in your life just how much he means to you and how much you love him.

Yep its Father's Day! This year its slotted for the 18th of June, so you have plenty of time to prep up and decide what you are going to gift him.


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Gifting men in general is a very difficult task is it not? And on top of that if you have to work within a budget then it becomes all the more difficult. Fear not! Here are some gifting ideas for your daddy that should easily come under Rs. 999. Take your pick of what you think he would like to get as a gift.

These days most of our fathers have switched over to smart phones and are operating them quite well I would say. So go ahead and buy him some apps that may be of use for him or help him relax a bit too. For fathers who are obsessed with the vehicles there are car maintenance apps which keep a track of the maintenance of the car, when the oil needs to be changed or tires refilled with air, mileage and gas consumption or just about any other requirements you ask of it.

Urban Forest

Best gift for your dad to be Packed with love in a classy gift box 

Then there are a ton of health apps you could get him according to what he requires, which keep a check on his exercise regime or food he consumes or his sleep pattern etc. You could gift him some photography apps or even cooking apps if that is what he is into, and when it all gets too confusing, load his phone with some classic games such as Tetris or Solitaire so that he will never be too bored again!


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Books are always a good idea. Most of our dads are the reading kinds, so you could get him that latest autobiography, or thriller that he has been wanting to read. Even a book on daddy jokes maybe?! You could  get him a magazine subscription if it comes within your budget, else if you father has a hand held reading device, then e-books are a great option and far cheaper than the paperback counterparts, gift him a bunch and let him tuck in for a great read!


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Daddy a travel buff? Then get him some stuff that he never knew he needed. First up every traveller needs a neck pillow, available in a variety of sizes and colours, take your pick for dad. You could get him packing cubes, so that his stuff is organized in his suitcase and not all over the place. Another great option is a toilet bag for his immediate toiletries or even a gadget organizer so all his wires and gadgets are in one place.


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What about a good passport holder? This Vienna passport sling is trendy, compact and very useful for your dad to keep on him.

 Tuviro Vienna

Smart, compact, and very trendy bag for your dad

If your father loves watches but doesn’t have enough place to keep it, get a watch organizer box. Another great gift is a travel adapter, and the ever useful and favourite Swiss army knife. When in doubt, I would suggest that get your father a nice bag, whether it is a bagpack or a travel bag, he will always appreciate an addition to his collection!

Add onto your father’s movie collection by gifting him some DVD’s. You could also get him vouchers to the local cinema theatre which he could redeem as and when he wishes to.


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When all else fails, make him something, that personal touch will surely win his heart, whether it is a framed painting, or a box of cookies, see what you are good at and get down to it. Go ahead and show your father just how much he means to you!!


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I hope all these ideas got you thinking..so what are you waiting for, let the hunt for the perfect gift for daddy begin!

Swiss Military

A fully functional backpack with smartly designed for your dad to stay fit and fine!

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