31 Oct

Get The Fuss Free Halloween Look!


Halloween night once again..time to spook and get spooked! In India we don’t do the traditional trick or treating like they do elsewhere, but Halloween themed parties have come up in quite a big way and people are getting with the brief and going the whole hog while dressing up for such events!

Even if you are not too enthusiastic about a fully fledged dress up, there are ways to look your part at a Halloween do and get people to notice you!


Your choice of monster, ghost or ghoul and match it with look, voila! There are a million online video tutorials on Halloween looks and you can take your pick. The easiest to do of course is to go with the all black goth look and pretend to be anything from a vampire to a witch!!


Image Source: GLAMINATI Inspiration for Modern and Beautiful Women

Dress up your pet

If you are totally not into dressing your part, how about dressing up your pet and carrying him or her to the party (if it’s pet friendly of course!). The amount of adorable costumes that are available online for dogs and cats is insane! The imagination that the costume creators have is also next level, its worth checking out!


Halloween inspired nail art is big this season! Pinterest it and the options that are available are mind boggling! So if you don’t want to dress up or make up too much, just let your nails grab all the attention!


Image Source: ChinaGlobalTVNetwork/posts/


You could wear some spider web earrings, or a Medusa wig, how about some finger rings with ghastly depictions? That’s easy to do right? Well if you accessorize right you could still fit in at a Halloween party!

How about carrying a bag that completes your look!

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-31 at 11.15.34 AM

This “Jack O Lantern” bag will be perfect for your crazy and spooky night out!!

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