10 Feb

Get Ahead With The Corporate Look


Let’s just say your office may have its fair share of shortcomings, to put it lightly. Your inspiration to go for work doesn’t really come that easily. An easy way to get back the motivation is to look your best while you’re grinding away.

Here are a few tips to get that corporate look right while continuing to look quite the siren.

  1. A woman feeling cold in office isn’t an uncommon thing to happen because biologically, we’re supposed to feel colder than men in the same temperature. While you have no control over the temperature, you have over what you’re wearing. A jacket makes you look smart and chic and gives you the comfort you deserve. Choose one made of Roman polyester for the best comfort.
  2. A floral dress gives you the feminine touch in boring boardrooms, bringing out your style in a much casual way.
  3. For men, skinny chinos sit nicely and give them the boost they need. Choose one with multiple pockets and a slim cut..
  4. Choose from classy range of Graza bags to complete your office look and carry them off in style. Casual or formal, pick depending on the occasion.


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