18 Nov

Future Fabrics, Bring 2050 here!


When thinking of the future, imagine the fabrics and how it’ll shape our coming generations.

If you’re sitting in 2016 and arguing with someone over the quality of your wool, down, leather, suede, or canvas—maybe you should look at the mirror and take a long hard look. But don’t look for too long, lest someone think you’re a selfie-hungry, neurotic thing.We aren’t savages anymore, so why are we so obsessed with wearing dead animals, fluffy hair or balls plucked off flowers?

It’s the future and the possibilities that technology is bringing to fabric—your clothes, bags, and everything else can no longer be restricted using what’s been around for eons.

So we went scouring the world for hi-tech fabrics, fabric innovations, and crazy stuff that people are doing when they’re not obsessed with trying to follow a trend.

Got your attention, haven’t we? Let’s show  you the future.

Color Changing Threads

The good folk at Google work on some amazing projects. No we’re not talking about spying on you and selling your data for money. We mean Project Jacquard, that’s led to the Ebb fabric. It takes a lot of time in its current form—but soon you’ll be able to go to any shaadi and change your color with a quick fix to the washroom. Then again—so will the the other aunties! Imagine your favorite bag design—in all the possible colors you could imagine.

Fermented Wine Fabric

They say if you drink 60 times or more a year, you’re clinically an alcoholic (and possibly broke). Yes, that makes all of us alcoholics. But alcohol goes to great use when Ozzie scientists let some snazzy bacteria work on cheap wine (yes that one in your cupboard) and produce fabric! Right now it smells like cheap vinegar, so maybe use a bit more of the deo?

Cassette Tape Fabric!

Remember having to rewind the godforsaken thing with a pencil? No you don’t? What’re you, 16? We don’t blame you; your parents have probably thrown the precious stuff to junk traders through the years. But some of them didn’t! An artist called Alyce Santoro is using a family owned factory in England to churn out beautiful handbags. Pure nostalgia, zero rewind.


If you’re lactose intolerant, you can give this a miss. This time, there’s definitely reason to cry over spilt milk because it could’ve become your next pair of pants, or a tote bag! This crazy fabric is made from the proteins in spoiled milk. It regulates temperature and feels like silk! Imagine running on the track feeling so fabulous—without the crappy polyester sports wear sticking to your skin.

Pineapple leather

Probably something you’ve seen on your Facebook walls and shared (if you’re an animal lover!). But this stuff is super close to becoming a real, mass-produced item! So drink your pina colada, and wear it too!

Electroluminiscent Fabrics

Want to celebrate Diwali differently this year? Then become the pataka yourself! For those flashy Karan Johar types who can’t be satiated with embellishments, crystals, and sequins. Here’s something that’s sure to blind everyone who witnesses you in all your brilliance. Using tiny electrodes to change colors, your fabric can come alive, and do some crazy things! If your DJ friend doesn’t have a screen, show the visual effects off your bag or t-shirt! If the baraat’s lamps are down, becoming the light!


Image Source: Etsy

Suddenly that 100% pure leather bag that you picked up and gloated over Instagram seems very road-side and boring doesn’t it??

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