14 Sep

What’s Common Between MJ & Narendra Modi?


They share the same sun sign – Virgo!!

One of the most mysterious signs of all, Virgo is the sixth sign in the astrological chart, commencing from 22nd August up to 22nd September.

They are ruled by Mercury and depicted by the symbol of a Virgin. Here are some interesting facts about people from this sign-

They are the perfectionists of the astrological group, analytical and methodical in their ways. At times their efficiency borders on OCD, so be careful about slacking off in front of them!

They hate procrastination! In fact if they had their way they would get the job done a decade in advance!

Some studies suggest that maximum people suffering from stomach ailments are actually Virgos- it probably has something to do with their uptight nature and all the resultant anxiety!

Despite their high and mighty attitude, they actually love to party and go wild, given the right opportunity of course!

Most Virgos are actually very good in Mathematics! Credit to that analytical mind of theirs!

They are quite the hypochondriac and have a well stocked medicine cabinet!

They love their hugs and cuddles and make for very loyal lovers.

They love animals!

As a friend, they will always go that extra mile for you…

Virgos lucky colours are brown, green, gold and blue.

How about picking up smart bag in one of Virgo’s lucky colours so your luck travels with you wherever you go!


Brown wallet is the best colour to keep with you all day long.

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