15 Oct

From Mahatma To BigB.. Librans All The Way!


The zodiacs’ seventh sign and the final air sign for the year. Ruled by Venus and depicted by the balancing scales, this sign spans from 23rd September to the 22nd of October.

Librans are probably the most gentle and harmonious amongst the other signs.

Let’s take a look at some more interesting facts about Librans:

To begin with if you are a Libran you share your sign with Mahatma Gandhi, Alfred Nobel, Lata Mangeshkar and ofcourse our beloved Big B, it’s an awesome sign to be don’t you think!!!

Librans are quite the balanced people. They don’t stress easily.

They are extremely logical and talk so much sense that you get persuaded a bit too easily!

Probably the least gossipy sign in all the twelve! They believe in being direct and upfront.

Librans don’t trust blindly and are very objective in their analysis of anything and everything!

These guys are not brooders. They don’t wallow in sadness and self pity. Librans believe in getting their act together and moving on.

They are quite the flirt and romance is their middle name. They can be cheeky and enthusiastic with people of the opposite sex.

Librans are very diplomatic and hate confrontations.

They are fun people to be around when both are drunk. They can break into a jig or drag you down to the karaoke booth, whatever it may be you are sure going to have a tipsy good time with them!

Librans are very intuitive, so if they tell you something isn’t right…don’t question!

The love luxury and luxury does bring out the best in them!!!!

Their lucky colours are white, green and yellow!

At a loss for what to gift your favourite Libran on their birthday? Pick out a bag for them in one of their lucky colours and brighten up their day!!


Best gift to gift Librans this Diwali!

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