12 Jan

Fountain Of The Youth – National Youth Day


With great power, comes great responsibility. With young age, comes greater responsibility. Growing up, we’ve picked up lessons that we had been taught and even the ones that weren’t.

On that foundation have we molded ourselves and transformed into human beings with own ideas and opinions.

We’re the youth – constantly faltering, picking ourselves up, gazing at the stars, innovating, making inventions, and building each other and ourselves up.

Because no matter how much they trash our Instagram filters and web addiction, standing up for LGBT, modern relationships, our generation belongs to us and we’re allowed to make our own mistakes too.

Every moment of every day, we’re fighting a battle that doesn’t just result in surviving but also growing. Nothing comes easy and we are not here with a silver spoon in our mouth or hatching golden eggs.

The youth has become more conscious about their health, outlook, politics, and a pragmatic approach to making choices everyday than ever before.

While standards of beauty have changed and fat shaming and discrimination based on skin colour is looked down upon, it’s time to shine more than ever.

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