5 Feb

First Date Turn Ons

first date

Some may have the hots for men with great hair, while some may have the same for women with a smile that lights up their world.  But while personal choices may vary and depend on the kind of people you are, there are some things that are a big no-no on a first date.

But why discuss the negatives when you can just focus on the positive things to do? Here’s taking you through few tips that will clinch the deal for a second date.

  1. After your date is over, ask them if they have reached home. A small question can go a long way in making them feel that they’re cared for and also open communication lines for future.
  2. Ask them about their childhood. People open up the most when they’re taking a trip down memory lane.
  3. Make sure you smell nice and fresh. How you smell makes for a great first impression.
  4. Choose a place where you can hear each other. Sometimes loud music can drown all efforts to have a good conversation.
  5. Carry this sling that will take care of all your first date makeup and keep them handy for you, in case you need touch up.

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