11 Jan

Find Out More About The Capricorn In Your Lives


You may or may not believe in the stars and how they make you who you are, whether their alignment brings any change in your lives. But, it’s always fun to take those quizzes or read your horoscope in the newspaper just before you leave for work.

Because more than destiny, we believe in where it all began.

So, here are some fun insights into the life of a Capricorn – how they behave and what makes them tick.

1. Friendship

No, they’re not the life of the party. They believe in quality over quantity and the friends they make will stick by their side for life. Similarly, the enemies they make are forever, with deep intensity.

2. Creator

If you give a Capricorn mud, he will surely make a sculpture out of it. They don’t believe in leaving things to the destiny, but take matters into their hands to make a difference.  They don’t take their time on Earth for granted.

3. Love

They’re not very public when it comes to intimacy. For them, their love life is a private affair and they may even be hush-hush about their sexuality. This comes from the core that they trust very few people.

Based on their personality, we’ve picked out the perfect bag that gives shape to their creativity and one that they’ll be proud to carry.

Now, you know what to gift them this season.


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