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Feel The Magic!

Feel the Nagic

While growing up I was a snob for classics and everything Enid Blyton. Nothing captured my fancy more than the exquisite worlds she created which fuelled my imagination for years at end. Once I was done reading and re-reading all her books, there was an obvious gap for me which I tried to cover up by reading a variety of stuff- including the Lord of the Rings Series, but nothing worked.

Then, one birthday, my aunt gifted me the first four books in the Harry Potter series (how in the world did this series skip my attention so far, I fail to understand!). Well, that was just about it, my literary obsession reached new peaks!

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I wouldn’t sleep, would forget to eat, somehow managed to attend school and do my dailies, J.K.Rowlings magical world had consumed me! I am not the only one, there is a whole “Harry Potter Generation” out there who grew up with the “boy who lived” and survived to obsess over every detail of this epic saga! In terms of iconic generations, you had the 70’s flower power generation which was defined by The Doors, Star Wars and Stephen King and then you have the 90’s generation who grew up on a diet of Harry Potter, Boybands and teen movies such as Clueless and Mean Girls!


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If you are as Potter obsessed then this hand painted multicoloured book clutch by Carpe Diem is perfect for you!

Cape dium

Buy this Harry Potter inspirational book designed sling and flaunt yourself!

2017 marks the 20th year of commencement of the Harry Potter series and the Pottermania just refuses to die down! Believe it or not, Ms Rowling came up with the concept of a boy wizard and his adventures in a school of magic, when she was travelling on a train between Manchester and London. She jotted down her initial thoughts on a piece of napkin, and the rest as they say…is history! In fact, the series was a path breaker since it gave rise to a new era of young adult fantasy fiction.


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Planning to go to Hogwarts? Be sure to carry this apt passport holder by Carpe Diem in that case!!

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Such is the fixation on everything Potter, that most of us know just how to whip up a perfect Butterbeer; irrespective of where the Sorting Hat (ok all those online quizzes) sorted you…you still consider Gryffindor as your Alma Mater; have seriously considered getting yourself inked either with a Patronus, a Dumbledore quote or the Hallows and probably know the virtues of a Nimbus 2000 over a Firebolt!


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For all those who fell in love with Snape at the end of it all, this book clutch by Carpe Diem captures the essence…

Carpe Diem2

Buy this sling bag designed with famous quote from Harry Potter now!

The franchisee expanded from just the books to movies and video games and the works, but coming from a generation who knew the books in and out before the movies came, I can say one thing for sure- the way that Ms Rowling made our imagination soar and dream up everything she wrote about, pardon me if I act a little superior and say that the movies did at times disappoint me. Such was the attachment to everything Potter that when the 7th book ended, most of us were teary eyed and prayed desperately that there is a spin-off series with the next gen! Imagine our joy when Harry Potter and the Cursed Child came around!!


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Those seven books that sit on our shelves might be tattered but within those pages is a part of us that was devoted to a tale of a boy and his friends and their ability to take on no matter what, not because they had magic on their side, but because they had intense loyalty towards each and always had the others back. At the end of it all the one thing that Harry and his friends definitely taught us the virtues of friendship and as the last line of Deathly Hallows reads – All was Well!


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