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Fashion Tips For Young Boys


Boys as young as 5 or 6 these days have a mind of their own as to what they want to wear. We think boys fashion is pretty simple and straightforward.
T shirt, shorts or trousers and shirt. Well its not just all that there is so much more to looking swanky and cool!

Infact at time little boys are, if not more, then equally conscious about their looks as little girls are!!

They dress to be accepted and to express their own sense of style.

Here are some expert fashion tips for boys in the pre pubescent and pubescent age group –

The first thing a boy should ensure is that he is comfortable with what he wears. The fabric, the cut, it should all be easy on the body and not a struggle.

Have a versatile wardrobe

Jeans as well as formal chinos. Both long and short sleeved tee. Graphic tees and collared tees. A formal shirt or two, and then mix and match to create new looks.

Fitted clothes are a must

Not too tight, not too loose. Of course, if the fashion calls for baggy jeans or skin tight tees, you might reconsider, but as a rule, ensure that the garment fits you properly and is your size.

Get a good haircut

This can make or break your look and the attitude you want to portray. You cannot continue with the mushroom cut that mom insisted on. Go for a buzz cut if you don’t want to maintain an elaborate hairstyle.


Image Source: diary.ru

Invest in grooming

Acne is going to be your no.1 enemy, so tackle it with patience and the correct medication/products.


Caps, jackets, watches, shades, shoes keep a variety so that they match with everything on offer in your wardrobe.

Apart from the usual backpacks, invest in messenger bags to change your look around a bit.


Carry this Messenger bag and add on to your style

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