13 Apr

Fashion On A Budget!


So your bank balance isn’t the happiest of stories, and yet you need to stock up on fresh clothes for the summers, it’s a perplexing situation! A tiny budget is no excuse to not freshen up your wardrobe and be the style diva that you are. All you got to do is take up the challenge and rock the summers! Here are ways to fashion up when cash is limited.

Review what you have. Take a look at your wardrobe, the colours, the cuts, the patterns, accessories, shoes etc al.

You will realise that unconsciously you end up buying similar stuff. So item 1 on the list is to deviate from the usual and buy something different.

This wallet by 2AM by Anjali and Meha, spells out your status to the T! on the upside, it is quite quirky, isn’t it??



There are many clothes in your stash which are high maintenance. What about that shirt you spent a bomb on and never wear because it needs dry cleaning after each use, or those trousers which are so crinkly that they still have the price tag on. Learn a lesson, do not repeat!

Then of course, that whole shelf full of clothes that you shall wear as, if and when the pounds knock off. It’s been five years and they are still there. Please, sell, donate, trade, do whatever, loose them. Make space for new.

Messy Closet

Image Source: mommy2go.com

With whatever that you have left, mix and match. Create outfits using a few pieces of clothing and accessories. Before heading out to the stores, review what you need? Would another shirt or skirt or pants increase your mix and match option or updating your accessories would work? Look it up and list it down.

Mix n Match

Image Source: casanspa.com

Now let’s get onto item 2 on the list. Buy classics. When in doubt stick to classics. White shirt, blue jeans, nude pumps, a classic black bag, get the drift? You can wear a formal shirt with dark blue jeans for office, team it up with a shimmery top for a night out with the girls, or a tank top for an mid day date, the options are endless.


Image Source: justthedesign.com

The Horra Bucket Bag in black is classic and super chic. Plus it is super budget friendly!

Horra bag


You need to keep in mind that smart shopping is the way to go. Don’t keep that versatile top back in the racks just because it is expensive and go ahead and buy 5 cheaper tops, just because it suits your budget. Quality over quantity always.

Buy clothes in cotton, tweed or linen. The cloth looks expensive and makes you look classy all the way.
This cross strap sling bag in peach by Horra is pocket friendly and yet guaranteed to make you look like a million bucks!



Look at tailor made clothes as an option. It is always cheaper and the fit comes off perfect. What better?
Always take a friend with you. A lot of options can get overwhelming and you could end up maxing the credit card once again! You need someone to tell you what you really must take and what is avoidable.


Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

With these tips you now have a vision, go clear out that wardrobe, review, plan, stick to it and create some ripples this summer!!!

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