14 Mar

De-gunk your Handbag! Go Clutter-free!


Wondering how to de-clutter your everyday bag?

Guilty of lugging around tons and tons of so called “essentials” on your shoulder? Don’t be.  There are many of us that carry almost everything but our drawing room furniture in our handbags!! Nevertheless, there comes a time when you need to tackle that Pandora’s box and clean it up.

It actually is a therapeutic exercise, and it gets you in a better frame of mind instantly. It is further recommended that you undertake this task on a Sunday evening, makes you feel lighter, fresher, organized, in control of things and ready to take on the world on a Monday morning.

So... relax, stretch, wiggle your fingers and dive in. Spread a newspaper, and dump all the contents of your bag onto it.

Then immediately head to the dustbin and shake the biscuit crumbs out of the bag. I am almost a hundred percent sure that I keep unopened packets of biscuits and have the least clue as to how they end up out of the packet and in powdered form as rubble, lining the base of my bag!


Turn the bag inside out, take a wet cloth and give it a wipe down to get rid of all the crap of the netherworld. For the body of the bag, unless it is pure leather, which needs another level of care, I find wet wipes very effective in cleaning the outer body and get rid of marks as such.

Once you are done with cleaning you bag. Move onto the contents.The most obvious of things that come out from my bag is loose change and so much of it that I’m sure it can fund a start-up!! Anyway getting back to the point, keep a piggy bank handy and put all your coins in it. Makes you feel like a kid and also makes you save up a bit for a rainy day.


The next thing to tackle is all the make- up, hair clips, scrunchies and related items. It’s like a slow migration of these items, from my dressing table to my bag, till my dressing table has nothing left on it! Then I wonder where all my lipsticks went! When I need a certain shade I can never find it, since it is hiding in my bag! So in short, return each item to their respective places.

For basic touch ups- keep a compact, a neutral lipstick, a lip balm, one scrunchie a few clips and some safety pins, stash them in a small pouch to be returned to your handbag. The next thing that needs to be dealt with is all that paper. I mean the bag does double up as a trash can.


Receipts, bills, movie tickets, ATM slips that are so old that the print on them has vanished and so so many tissue papers, goodness me. Unless something is very important or memorable of these, trash it blindly. Also I tend to have little “potlis” of sweet saunf that I pick up from the restaurant in the pretext that my child will want it later, but he never does of couse.

Over time the sugar goes all melty and I have a sticky gooey ball of tissue to deal with 55 days later. Dump it, and swear never to repeat it.Then comes the essential stationary. Sort out your pens, keep a black and blue handy and keep a notepad along with it.


Image Source: etsy.com

If you keep meds in your bag, sort through them, make sure you dump the expired ones and return the essential ones to a small pouch to be placed back.Once you have sorted through your mess, start building up your bag once again.

Try to be minimalistic with regards what goes in. Your back and shoulders can do without the extra stress, so keep your bag clutter free and your mind and body stress free.

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