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College Myths Debunked!

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When you go to college, actually before you head out for college, you take a lot of advice from a lot of people. Even if you don’t, friends and family come and give you all sorts of tips and tricks to ace through those years.

Note that all that is mentioned and warned of is not always true. Also what other people say are based on their own experiences and perceptions. Go with an open mind and a blank slate and make memories and have experiences on your own.


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Here are top college myths, debunked.

College is like what they show on screen

So all those movies and TV shows that paint a picture of college life as one endless party and all things wild, well newsflash, it isn’t so. College is not all about girls wearing designer clothes and guys driving open top convertibles. It simply isn’t a big budget movie or some American sitcom. In fact, most colleges are pretty strict about parties and especially the ones inside campus. Any hanky panky and you are show caused immediately, so be careful. Having said that, it’s not like you aren’t going to not have fun. Sure you will find ways to let your hair down and paint the town red and make some awesome memories in the process.


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You become an adult by going through college

Yes for most of us college means going away from our parents and fending for ourselves…on your parents money unless you have a part time job at a coffee shop. Unless we live in a hostel or a dormitory a world of responsibilities come upon us for sure. From basic stuff like getting breakfast to cleaning the room to even unclogging toilet pipes, we are suddenly introduced to a world of chores that we were unaware of. I mean you always thought Santa’s little elves helped out at home, not knowing that mom made sure everything was in A1 working condition!

It still doesn’t mean though that you start adulting all of a sudden though. There are tons of college students out there who don’t bother getting a healthy start to their day, whose rooms and houses are filthy and not maintained and then there are those who grow up beyond their years. So it’s just about how you make it for yourself!


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Expensive College means the best education

Not necessarily. The show and opulence along with the ability to clear out dad’s coiffeurs is no measure of whether you become the next IT thing in your field. Some of the most humble public colleges have given rise to great revolutionaries, in the past as well as the present. A lot depends on your capabilities of how you can extract the best from what is being dished out to you. So make your own destiny.


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The popular kids are the ones to hang out around

There are strata’s to the social hierarchy in college, and everyone wants to be friends with the popular girl or boy in college. Now here I shall say that sometimes the screen gets it right. Its not all hunky dory at the top and it’s more a contest of power than of genuine friendships. Stick to more down to earth people who won’t burn out and change in the long run.


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College are the best years of your life

You enter college with such high expectations and being such a super star and gathering a following. A chance to reinvent yourself and wowing everyone. Well that at times it doesn’t work out as expected. There are ups and downs, at times you will be severely homesick, miss your old life and friends and there will be times you think it couldn’t get better. Take everything with a pinch of salt and move ahead.


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