1 Feb

Characteristics Of Aquarius, The Water Bearer!


It’s the season when all the trailblazers came upon the earth to not just survive, but to leave a mark in everything they do. The Saturn and Uranus rule the eleventh zodiac but it’s time we decode who they are.

Here are some features of a typical Aquarian for you to understand them better.

  1. Aquarians are usually aloof – Yes, they love their solitude. Whether you call them a lone wolf or just an introvert, they don’t mind as long as they get their me-time with their thoughts.
  2. Their handwriting is usually very curvy which makes it attractive to look at, but is actually a little difficult to read. Much like their personality which may seem like an open book but you’ve to read between the lines to really understand them.
  3. They usually relate to people easily, which makes them see things from the other person’s perspective easily. The sense of empathy that is ingrained in them helps them to avoid confrontation, even in the gravest of situations.
  4. They are extremely imaginative, but they lack the drive to put their ideas into motion.

That’s all for the Aquarians and as I belong to the same category, I can safely vouch for all the characteristics mentioned.

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