5 Oct

Celebrity Style File – Men


Looking for some inspiration on how to put a look together and accessorize it well?

We have some leading celebrities who have their own unique style statements, maybe you could pick up a tip or two from them!

Jonty Rhodes

One of the greatest fielders of all times! When he is off field his personal style is casual corporate. Juggling many roles at the same time, he needs to look and feel comfortable as well as smart. So a stylish well fitting tee with basic jeans is his go to outfit. To complete the look, he carries on him a smart no fuss laptop bag.

Jonty Rhodes

Modish, tasteful & urbane. Buy this Viva bag and look like Jhonty Rhodes

Karan Kundra

Television actor, reality TV host and now a a Bollywood star!  At ease in front of the small screen and the silver screen, this hottie with an attitude is more a distressed jeans and boots kinda guy, the effortlessly grunge look is his choice. Having been associated with Roadies himself, it’s no surprise that his choice of bag would be rugged and functional too!

Karan Kundra

Built to withstand storms. Buy this Tuviro bag and look like Karan Kundra

Abhishek Verma

Actor and Model, Abhishek is the quintessential boy next door with the sweetest smile! His style is simple and clean and resonates with the college crowd. A smart shirt with a neat pair of jeans accompanied by a back pack to stash your essentials, and you are good to go! In fact this look works for early morning classes as well as an evening of drinks with friends….perfect!

Abhishek Verma

Combination of Gym and backpack. Buy this Urban Tribe backpack and look like Abhishek Verma

Karan Patel

One of Indian television’s leading male actors and a heartthrob of millions, Karan likes to keep his look natural and yet suave. Quite an adventure aficionado himself, he loves collecting jackets and boots. Here he is seen sporting a smart grey sweatshirt and a sturdy duffel bag, looks like he is just about to embark on his next adventure!


Classy & Trendy. Buy this Gym bag from Wildcraft and look like Karan Patel!

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