26 Apr

Cartoon Break!

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When we were growing up, in the 90s, there were limited channels on television dedicated for kids. Those were the only times that we were allowed to watch TV.

Cartoons such as Jungle Book, Tom and Jerry, Swat Cats, He- Man and Duck Tales were our staple.

These days as with everything else, there is no dirth of choice as far as cartoons and kids channels are concerned.

There are channels dedicated to babies, toddlers, tweens and teens all showcasing shows depending on the age group and their likes and dislikes. So out of the whole jamboree here are the best shows that we as parents would be comfortable with our kids viewing

Tom and Jerry

This is a classic show that we as parents enjoy watching too! This show has been on TV for ages now. The plot centres on the never ending cat and mouse rivalry. Jerry’s clever and cunning ways trump over Tom most of the times. There are also several instances when they both display genuine friendship and are concerned for each other.


Image Source: 7-themes.com

Mr Bean

A beloved character, immortalized by Rowan Atkinson through the shows and movie, the animated version is even more endearing.  Mr Bean is a childish buffoon who brings unusual schemes to everyday tasks. He tries to solve his everyday troubles in his own hilarious ways and gets himself and others into more trouble.


Image Source: harveyvoices.co.uk

Dora the explorer

A popular show with pre schoolers, it is educational and entertaining at the same time. With each episode Dora has a mission to accomplish but ends up finding other things and meets lots of new people.  She has a cute sidekick in her monkey Boots and lots of interesting recurring characters throughout.


Image Source: i.ytimg.com

If your kids love boots, get him his own monkey bag.

Jumpy chimp


Dinosaur Train

Another interesting show which allows kids to learn about palaeontology, natural history and science. The protagonist of the show is Buddy a  Tyrannosaurus Rex, and his adoptive Pteranodon family who travel on a train and get to go through different era of the dinosaur world and meet the various kinds of dinosaurs who walked the earth at that time.


Image Source: dinopedia.wikia.com

Max and Ruby

Based on Rosemary Wells’s books, this super cute show about a brother sister rabbit duo and their escapades is a treat for the kiddos. Max and Ruby play together, have differences but then resolve them amicably. It is great for teaching kids on how to deal with sibling rivalry.


Image Source: cartoonbrew.com

Your boys and girls will love the Jumpy Prankster and Cuddler to show their sibling rivalry off!

jumpy cuddler


Jumpy prankster


Paw Patrol

A tech savvy boy named Ryder leads a pack of rescue dogs, one is a firefighter, one a police officer, so on and so forth. Their problem solving ability and the unity to do so together is a great lesson for the kids. Plus the dogs are just adorable!!

Paw patrol

Image Source: pawpatrollive.com

Peppa Pig

Probably the most popular preschool cartoon on TV today. Peppa is a girl pig who lives with her mom, dad and younger brother George, and has several friends who make appearances through the 5 minute episodes. Each episode teaches a lesson in the most adorable way, and the best part is that the episodes always end with Peppa and her family and/or friends laughing and giggling and doing the silliest, funniest of things that make you break into a giggle too J

peppa pig

Image Source: youtube.com

Little Einsteins

One show that is underrated and yet highly recommended. Little Einsteins is designed to teach the kids on how to appreciate classical music as well as art. They do so by integrating significant and famous pieces of art with classical music into the story of the show. Before you know it your kid is humming Beethovan and Mozart effortlessly!

Little Einstines

Image Source: watchdisneyjunior.go.com

If your kid is a fan of Little Einsteins, here’s a beautiful doll bag for your kid.

Jumpy doll


What shows do you prefer for your kids?

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