21 Nov

CareBags: Donate a Bag Today!


Are you thinking of donating something to an NGO? Why don’t you make a CareBag? Take an unused bags and make it for different people.

Take a look around your house. Yes, you probably need only 10% of the things you have. Some of it is lying there because you’re too lazy to give it to someone else, some stuff has emotional appeal but let’s be honest–you’ll miss it for one day–MAX! Or maybe you plan to convert your house into a museum one day.

Whatever your reasons are–how about you try something that’ll make you feel like a million bucks? Only a few steps around the house, a little lifting and tiny drops of effort.


Let's make Care-bags. What are they? New or old bags that you can fill up with a variety of things to make someone else's day!

While you could go crazy and randomly stuff everything that you think someone could use. We’ve made your job easier. Here’s some simple themes to follow depending who’s getting the donation.

Kiddy Care-bag

We all have at least one school bag that’s perfectly usable but is not being used! You could fill it up with a series of simple books (make sure the child is comfortable with the language), stationary or toys.  The idea is to stuff the bag with the stuff that the kid can’t get currently. So if its books they like, add more—if they’ve got board exams coming up, give them your guides and textbooks!


Mother-to-be Care-bag

There are tons of underprivileged women who don’t have simple things that could make those crucial 9 months less stressful than they already are. You can add abdominal belts, multivitamins, loose clothes that are maternity friendly, warm blankets and more!  If the mother has already delivered, she’ll need nappies, baby clothes and milk bottles. You can ride the bag to her in a pram if you’re looking to get rid of it too.There are houses filled with new mothers who don’t need their stuff anymore as the baby has already come. Unless a new baby’s coming in the family—all this stuff could mean so much to another mum!

Sport-kid Care-bag

Take a look around the local grounds or schools. You’ll see plenty of kids with real talent but not the means to pursue their passions a little more. Now think of all those bats, gloves, pads, and balls of all sizes just married to dust behind the cupboards! You can go one step further and add some glucose powder sachets or a nice sipper that you don’t use anymore.If you ask the NGO or person beforehand, you’ll get a better idea of what they need and hence make a better bag.

Sometimes people donate selfishly—because it makes them feel nice about themselves. But we say that’s perfectly okay! As long as you pass on something that can be of use to someone else—your reasons are your own!

Other benefits of this are that you’ll have a cleaner house (without the helper’s assistance), less dust (no more allergies yay!), and lot of gooey warmth in your heart. Can’t put a price tag on that!

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