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Camping With Fireflies


You might have gone camping many a times before in rocky terrain or by the banks of a river, but have you gone camping amidst magic? Yes, you read that right. The forests of Maharashtra hold a special secret.

Every year at a particular time, during the pre monsoon showers, thousands of fireflies come out to dance and mate.

The scene is right out of a fairy tale. Glow worms light up the nights with their twinkling and the few trekking enthusiasts who are in on this secret make sure that they are there to be a part of this beautiful experience.


The forest regions of the Western Ghats are where you need to head if you wish to witness the festival of a thousand fireflies. You could go there with your special someone and turn the trek into a romantic getaway or you could take your kids and let them revel in the amazement and enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer.

The closest spot to Mumbai is Rajmachi Fort, near Khandala. This place comes alive at night and the trek to the fort is worth all the effort.  Other spots to visit and view this spectacle are the villages of Purushwadi and Siswad at the foothills of  Harishchandragad where a NGO has set up base in association with the local villages to ensure that you have an one of a kind experience.

The next time around you plan a trek, book yourself for one of these magical tours and get transported into a fantasy world!!

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