2 Dec

Camping Inventions For The 2016 Camper!


In your head, you’re already in the great outdoors; you can almost smell the fresh air, touch the green grass, and the kiss of nature. The planning is in full drive and you’re either traveling there in the rich friend’s SUV (or yours if you’re the rich friend) or slumming it out in 3rd class non-ac standing without a ticket because you want to boast to your Facebook friends using edgy hashtags like #PoorTraveler, #RealTraveling, #OneWithTheJunta.

Whatever is good for your Instagram account, you know best. But hey, this is 2016 and things have changed a fair bit about going in the outdoors. Unless you like to play-act Bear Grylls from the Discover Channel—chances are you want some level of comfort when you’re playing This Filter-That Filter in the woods.

Technology has reached a fairly nice point where you don’t have to seem soft—but can still have everything you’re used to at home. Prior warning: if you like tearing large leaves to fashion out food plates, this blog isn’t for you.

So what have we got for you on your camping trip? Let’s find out!

Water filter bag

Yes, you drink from the bottle, and you drink from the river—straight! Who needs glasses right? Maybe you don’t—but if you’re not sure, the water coming downstream can often be full of Ghadi detergent am
ongst other things! We shudder to think of it. So don’t risk the infection. Just run all your water through this bad boy!

Pocket Shower

This is absolutely real. And if you imagine yourself like SRK in a Lux ad—this is your chance to find a pond or lake (that doesn’t look like the Yamuna or Mithi), hang this on a branch and enjoy the spray. This is especially useful if you’re searching for waterfalls and Global Warming goes like—nah bro, sipped it all up.

Butler Bag

Not everyone needs to know that you’re a memsaab, but if you don’t know how to eat with your hands. It’s perfectly okay!  There’s a certain warmth to having two types of forks, three types of spoons, a few ceramic plates, and that paper napkin to eat that Kurkure packet for dinner because none of you can hunt.  Get this to take that sense of sophistication without looking like a jerk, because I mean on the face of it, it’s just a schoolbag!

Wearable sleeping Bag

Admit it; you’ve always wanted to roll down lush green hills like a log of wood. But who’s going to bother cleaning all that dirt in your clothes after somebody’s clicked the Snapchat video for you? Maybe the grass isn’t soft enough, or you’re not just—roll-worthy. Got you covered! This wearable sleeping bag lets you roll on the grass, and if you get tired, to fall asleep—RIGHT there! This is a great solution for people who tend to puke in their sleep after a wild night too!

So what’s it gonna be this weekend? The club or the hills? You’ll make the right choice!

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