28 Dec

Breakfast Like A King!


We all have grown up on the adage – breakfast like a king, lunch like a commoner and dinner like a pauper. Its actually the best way to feed and nourish your body. After a whole night of fasting your needs a kickstart. Something to rejuvenate and shake you out of your slumber.

Winter mornings make it even more difficult to crawl out of bed and do just about anything. Therefore, you need some motivation in the form of a yummy hot breakfast to get you geared up for the day!

We have done a roundup of some of our favourite Indian breakfasts, the ingredients are readily available and you don’t need to look up elaborate recipes to whip them up!


Nothing beats a good hot paratha! It could be an alu paratha, gobhi paratha, mooli paratha or paneer paratha, stuff in whatever is available in the pantry, scoop a dollop of butter on top and pickle on the side, yummy!

 Puri Sabji

Every part of our country has a version of this one. Could be chola bhatura, luchi cholar dal or bedmi alu ki sabji. Filling and delicious this is the quintessential Indian brekkie!


 South Indian fare is everyones favorite and these days it has become so much easier to whip them up at home. Every convenience store has ready-made batter on their shelves. Just add water and cook! No more soaking and grinding and all the hardwork that our moms went through for these treats!


Image Source: quora.com


These guys fall in the diet breakfast category. Don’t doubt their flavours though, they are full of the good stuff! Kanda poha with peanuts and a dash of lime and coriander is light and filling at the same time. Upma packed with chopped veggies is good enough to keep you full till lunch time!

 A cup of hot masala tea or filter coffee is the perfect partner to any of these dishes! Whip out your meal chart and schedule your breakfast menu already!

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