8 Nov

Bonding With Your Teenagers!


We celebrate Children’s Day every year on the 14th of November, but we tend to focus only on the under 10 age group and centre activities and programs around them.

Our pre teens and teenagers are also to be cherished in the same way.

We may be having a turbulent relationship with them and handling them might be a task, but all they want is our love and attention and at times to be pampered as little children.

Here are ways to celebrate Children’s Day for your bigger kids:

Take your teenager out for a movie of their choice followed by a meal of their choice. Let them decide. Don’t make decisions for them.

Talk to them about their interests and hobbies. Create a space where the both of you can do something of shared interest. Your child might love writing, you might be a blogger, help your child explore that platform. Similarly with music, share your interests and you might learn something new about each other.

Take a long walk together. Talk, bond. Don’t speak when you are supposed to listen. Absorb and understand the needs of your teenager. Be a friend, not a parent to them.


Image Source: sheknows.com

Take a road trip together. Bundle into the car, take some food along and drive! It could be a day trip or a weekend thing; you decide and let your hair down with your kids!

Take them on a shopping spree. Golden rule, respect their choice, unless it’s too risqué!

You could think of gifting your teenager this Bow Sling Bag!


Its cool, its snazzy and right up their alley!!

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