18 May

Boarding School Vs Day School!


O Once a child is through pre primary or even primary school, parents start thinking of options as to where to start their child’s schooling. Out of all the options that are out there, whether to put the child in boarding school or keep him as a day scholar is one of them.

There is a stigma surrounding parents sending their kids to boarding school.

The society views them as parents who have no time for their kids, or parents who may not even have the right parenting skills and are therefore delegating that job to someone else, or maybe even that the kid is a troublemaker and too much to handle and therefore is being sent away.

Each type of school has its own pros and cons. Let’s have a look at them:


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Early years of a child are the formative years and they require effort from the parents as well as the school. The initial values and habit formation happen at this stage. A child needs constant love, attention and support at this stage. Most of the families now are nuclear and there is the lack of surrounding relatives who help in nurturing a child, the job is up to the parents wholly.

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Each child is different and therefore a parent should assess his/her ward before thinking of admitting him or her to a boarding school. Some kids are rough and tough while some are sensitive. They might take the separation from family very hard. So look at your child’s personality before making a decision.


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The expense is a factor. Private schools no doubt these days are expensive but boarding schools are another level. Since all the expenses of a child are taken care of, and that the school is solely responsible for the kid till he is in their care they charge nothing short of a bomb! This allows only the richer strata of the society to send their kids to boarding school and kids from middle class families find it difficult to adjust.

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Then again, the expense means that the kids get the best. Best living facilities, the teachers also well versed in their subjects and the sports and extracurricular facilities are world class. They get all the facilities under one roof and do much more than what they would have done if they were in a day school. Also as a plus, they are away from the evils of technology and out doing real sports and activities.


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Since the kids are away from their parents, they learn to deal with their own problems and not run to mom and dad for an easy solution. This makes them self dependent and confident.

They forge strong friendships at their boarding schools. The kids go through thick and thin together, day and night and this makes for lasting bonds. Children also get polished social skills at boarding schools. From eating on time and everything that is given to them, to being responsible for making their beds, taking out their uniform a night before and setting their bag to studying on their own and finishing their homework without a reminder.


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There are chances though that due to homesickness and inability to fit in the child might undergo depression and feel lonely and left out. For this he may want his family to be by his side.

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Both type of schooling have their good and bad. It up to you as a parent to take the correct decision for your child.

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