23 Jan

Blast from the past – my favorite winter memory


While December has its spotlight on Christmas and New Year’s Eve and February is all about celebrating the month of love, January may not be special for many but Winter sets beautifully in this month, almost like a mother nurturing her child in the depths of the season. I’ve always looked forward to the first month of the year the most. It not only gives one the chance for a fresh new start, but the rays of the sun is the warmest and you can let it touch your skin and not cringe when it plays with your hair.

I remember when I was a child; I used to sit in this sun while my grandmother would let a bunch of orange peel dry. Sometimes I would wonder what glows brighter, the sun or the orange peels lying there like a sea with saffron waves. Sometimes, she would stop in the middle of a story to shoo the crows away. I always wondered how she would open a treasure trove of stories every single time, every single day.

Now, I realize that she made most of them up along the way. She would feed the pigeons diligently and long after, they would still visit us in anticipation of finding her sitting in the same terrace, resting in her armchair, pecking around in the small pouch where she would keep the grains for them. Because just like her stories, her aura was undeniably unmissable. Here’s a pouch that is evergreen just like the one my grand mom would use.


blast from past


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