27 Dec

Best Guide To Planning A NYE Party This Year


What’s the best way to spend this New Year’s and bring in 2017 in a memorable way? Let’s tell you!

If you haven’t bought an expensive pass to a club that usually doesn’t charge you entry, then perhaps your priorities are different.

Maybe fighting for ‘unlimited’ alcohol in that ‘unlimited’ line is a special kind of adventure, or struggling to get past the next ‘station’ while dancing sounds more exciting. Maybe a thousand strangers are cooler than ten close friends.

We’re pretty sure our BagTalkers are equally annoyed with such NYE parties that only exist to tap into our insecurities about looking cool.

Give them a pass this year. And sell your entry pass if you bought one. Let’s pick on some easy and fun things to do instead this NYE!

Camp under the starstent-camp-night-star

No don’t pick a tours and travels guy. Get a few friends, rent some tents, research on safe yet scenic camping spots around you, and then just get there! Good speakers, dry wine and pre-packed foods or barbeque. You’ll breathe in the New Year with nature while having a great time. Just make sure to be conscious of villages and animals near you who may not care about a date change as much as you.

Give Back To Society

A few friends of TheBagTalk never party over the NYE! They either offer seva at a gurudwara near them or feed cows across the city! Whatever cause is closest to your heart, wherever you find peace—pick a few friends and don your cape! Bring a smile to tons of other faces for whom NYE is anything but fun. What’s more—you could actually dress up as superheroes while roaming about.

The Long Droad-street-car-vehiclerive

Ever wondered if you could spend the entire NYE just driving on an endless road, the perfect music and only the closest of companions? It can be relaxing and fun, depending on your mood. Swap the car for your bike if that’s what you love most. Bicyclists—you can do this too! Just forget about drinks this NYE if you’re planning this route.


If your friends love cooking—there’s a simple way to enjoy NYE. Get the biggest kitchen and everybody decides to cook off there. Don’t cook pre-hand to make it a boring potluck, but include everyone in the process! It’s therapeutic and so satisfying when you can finally lay that table on and start clicking those Instagram pics!

So what’s it going to be? More of the same, or more of something different? Tell us what you’re packing in your NYE bag on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

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