27 Dec

Begin With A Bang – New Year Long Weekend


While New Year parties are the most common way to begin an almost new phase of life, is it really the best?

Here are 3 ways to beat the Monday blues and color them in different hues that only newness can bring.

1. Picking up a new hobby

Long lists of resolutions that you’ve started making from a month before need an outlet. And what better time to start than the long weekend itself? Get that recipe from the Internet or dust off the old badminton racquet and cook yourself a new beginning.

2. Getaways

Places like Goa will be crazy crowded. So if you want some quiet time, head to places that aren’t  mainstream like Majkhali in Uttarakhand, Naggar in Himachal Pradesh or Valparai near Bangalore.


Image Source: tripadvisor.com

3. Take long walks and discover new places in your city

Every city has tourist spots that the locals tend to have taken for granted. You’ve forgotten what a sunset looks like in Marine Drive or if you’re in Delhi, the narrow bazaars of Old Delhi have stopped stupefying you. Use the weekend to find new love in old places again.

While you’re out making the best of your long weekend, use this bag that brings a new twist to a familiar style.


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