23 Dec

Become The Best Secret Santa Ever!


What should I get my Secret Santa? No question has been more annoying yet pressing during holiday season. Whether you believe in Santa or not, your wallet knows it’s a real thing—especially when it empties out near 24th December every single year.

There are usually two types of people with Secret Santas.

One—they live for this stuff. They’ll create multiple groups, put it up on DrawNames.com, somebody will chart an excel sheet to track the various relationships. This sort of person will usually go beyond the assigned budget and do a pretty damn good job at getting their Santa something special.

Two—they hate this stuff. They’ll ask the whole group for suggestions by which there is no secret left, they’ll also make sure to buy a gift which is just about the suggested budget. Somebody else would’ve wrapped it, and they’ll not feel too bad when their gift turns out much better than what they gave.

But what’s common between the both of them is that it’s equally hard to get something that’s meaningful and fun—yet doesn’t lead you to hunger for the rest of December.

Check our suggestions out!

Stainless steel straws

Perfect for office goers who like their drinks cold. Awesome for the bartender in chief at parties too. Easily cleanable and isn’t plastic!


Image Source: onesavvylife

Funky socks

This one’s a clear winner whether its women or men. Nobody likes those dull drab grays and blacks. Go whacky, take the funkiest colors. Everyone deserves an acid trip on their feet.


Image Source: coolkatscantdie

Underwater bath disco light

Bring the party inside the bathroom with this trippy waterproof mini light show. Your Santa will take a glass of wine, sink into their bath, and enjoy the lights—always thinking of you!


Miniature Beer Pong set

Now widely available in most Indian e-commerce websites, this is so much fun for the Santa who likes their drinking competitive. You can also be shameless and ask them to break it open for the X’mas party itself!

diy-mini-beer-pong-rogue-engineer-4A set of Tisanes

Teas are old, coffee is everywhere. Tisanes are the actual word for herbal teas. Which fruity bouquets available from across the world. A nice wooden box with 4-6 great selections can be an amazing gift

Retro mouse

For the technophile Santa, this beautiful mouse is a throwback to when things were simpler (not technologically but y’know).  This amazing on any wooden table and is quirky enough to charm even the best technophile.

Self-stirring mug

For the lazy Santa, simply pour the ingredients and press the button. Watch the liquid swirl up into a whirlpool of energy. It’s really satisfying to just watch it swirl the whole day. But eventually do ask them to stop it and drink their beverage!


Image Source: flintstop

A bag to put the gift in!

Obviously, you can’t go wrong with a bag right? Make sure to get them something that’s like them—its way more personalized than wrapping paper that’s just adding to waste! Get them a bag!

Got suggestions for cool things that you’ve bought for your Secret Santa? Share them with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and we’ll feature the coolest one!

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