18 Dec

Bags to suit your favorite TV Characters – Part 2


Your favorite TV characters and their bags seemed to have connected with you!

We’re back as promised with the better lineup of stars—the women!

You’ve been commenting as well, and we made sure to try and whip up the perfect bag selections for those divas that light up your TV screens every day!

Let’s get started!

Penny Hofstader

Bet you didn’t know her last name, did you? Well it wasn’t hard—she’s married to Leonard. As part-time waitress, part time Hollywood hopeful she has something of a dual life.  She likes her handbags and we’d agree for the most part. If she teamed a large hobo bag in tan—it would be perfect carrying two changes of clothes to move from tables to auditions, and an extra one for date nights with Leonard.


Image Source: hellogiggles

Cersei Lannister

When you are the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, and one of the powerful women in all of Westeros—chances are you probably don’t need something large. A black gothic clutch to match her regal attire from the end of Season 6 should be perfect for carrying a knife for assassins, and a small vial of wildfire to burn down a party where they make incest jokes.


Image Source: dailymail

Phoebe Buffay

The single quirkiest person to ever walk into a TV show happens to be the ever lovable Phoebe. With a whole range of crazy things to carry around—dogs, guitars, skeletons, and stuff, a massive tote made with organic hemp fibers would be the perfect foil for her. Native American motifs and we’ve made her political leanings come through with practicality too.


Image Source: cosmouk

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

When she isn’t out slaying vampires and creatures of the dark—Buffy needs to be doing regular things like going to school and getting an education. A black leather backpack is the perfect way to look goth, classic, dangerous and very cool. Plus she’s going to need that room to store the silver, stakes, and garlic!


Image Source: static.tvtropes

Carrie Bradshaw

This was a tough one. We’ve probably seen her carry more bags than entire fashion stores. But what would make a fashionista, writer, and girls’ girl just shine out? We think a whole vanity van of bags wouldn’t be enough to match her ensembles, looks, and places to be. So yeah a vanity van full of bags should be our suggestion for Ms. Bradshaw.


Image Source: missmonetdotnet

Next week, we’ll be doing something amazing with your favorite Indian TV celebrities! It’ll give you the coolest insight into their fashion choices with tidbits that you never knew about them.

Keep sharing and telling us what you think your favorite TV celebs and characters would look best in!


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