10 Oct

Bags That Play Cupid!


Now if you are single…and ready to mingle, usually you dearest friends take it upon themselves to play cupid and hook you up with someone….unless Tinder already plays love guru for you and gets the job done!

At times its neither people nor technology but our everyday items or situations that play cupid….like say your bag.

Yep, there are situations where a bag has been instrumental in bringing two people closer…don’t believe me? Well read on:

The Airport Exchange

Her bag and his bag look the same, in a haste they pick up the wrong bags from the conveyor belt and rush home only to figure out the goof up later. Well, then begins the whole process or recovering each other’s bags, phone numbers and addresses are exchanged and finally so are the bags. In the process the girl and the guy have developed a teeny weeny crush on each other….well the rest is history as they say!

Overstuffed bag in a crowded place scenario

Too much in your bag, it’s either an open bag or the zipper won’t go all the way. Someone pushes you and all the contents spill out, suddenly a good Samaritan appears from nowhere and helps you gather all the scattered items. You look into his eyes and ….thats it! You’re hooked!

The Superhero

You are walking down the road, swaying your handbag casually, when suddenly you feel a jerk and some bag snatcher has run away with your bag!! Either you run behind him yourself, or you play damsel in distress and shout out for help. There appears your knight in shining armour who runs behind the deviant to retrieve your bag. Now who doesn’t want a superman for a boyfriend?

Looking for a bag that will play cupid for you?


Caprese is the perfect bag if you are looking to catch that someone specials eye!

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