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Bag Shopping Destinations!


The world over, fashion is renowned according to customs and traditions. Each place has their unique offerings which in turn create a special look when you associate it with that country or region. Just like clothes, different places have different bags. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, materials and well, yes…prices.

For our well-travelled friends reading this (or for those whose friends are well traveled), we put together a nifty little guide about the unique bag shopping destinations across the world. Some of these may be obvious, some absolutely not.So dive right in, the passport’s optional!

Mexico City, Mexico

While most of us skip this beautiful land for its richer neighbors (Uncle Sam and Justin Trudeau), some Indians will end up spending Spring Break at the beautiful beach havens of Mexico and sometimes see the amazing fashion that this bustling metropolis has to offer. From ethnic designs in nouveau forms, to bold colors and Aztec designs that don’t look like a crappy Nickelodeon TV show. Mexico City’s local designer gods can be surprising cheap on the pocket—and the markets are filled with amazing local totes. Make sure you skim ‘em all

Sapa Valley, Vietnam

Nestled in the north-western mountainous frontier of Vietnam, this place is that of stunning beauty. Gently rolling hills of green; a humble people; tons of trekking routes; and fields upon fields of marijuana plants. Got your attention? The plants aren’t for smoking (not the locals anyway), but for hemp. The ultra-versatile and sustainable material is used to make the beautifully dyed bags and clothes in here. Blues, aquamarines and greens are the majority of the shades. The quality of the bags is robust—though you may want to be careful of the naturally dyed stuff.

Florence, Italy

You’re probably thinking of Milan. And yes why not, more top designers crowd the Italian capital than hair on your head. They’re all amazing as well. But if you’re looking to go fully classic, family-owned businesses and utter regalia. This is where you want to be. Apart from housing most of the big brands, you’ll find great small-batch designs that promise to be way more unique than the big boys. Also when you’re here—do NOT miss out on picking a Gabs bag. The stylish and fiendishly innovative bags look so trendy—yet expand at the touch of a button. You’ve really seen nothing like it before!


Guangzhou, China

You probably know about this one. You’ve also probably bought something that came on a ship from here. A lot of Indian shops (we really mean a lot) are regulars at this coastal city. You’ll find bags of every type, every material, and sadly every animal skin. What you’ll also get here is tons of innovative bags. Since the Chinese make everything (or used to) in the world. Tons of prototypes and knock-offs make it here before anywhere in the world. It may not always work, but if you’re looking for a bag that opens with your mobile phone. It’s gonna be here.

So, have you started packing yet? What’re you waiting for? Also, if there’s a spot you’d like us to feature on this list—tell us!

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