28 Dec

Bag Innovations from 2016


Want to know about the coolest in bag innovations that came out in 2016?

The year has ended and some of these will be out in the market in a few months, some have already been wowing audiences and consumers across the globe!

We’ve prepared a definitive guide for you to keep up to date with all the coolest things that heated the bag world up the whole of last year.

Apple’s Paper Bag

Though still at patent stage, Apple has finally looked towards solving a real world problem, and not the fancies of the top 1%. Their new idea has the highest percentage of recycled material (over 60%) in a bag ever! With a few other innovations, they keep it pearly white and strong unlike others which get weakened with higher bleach!

The suitcase with a chair!

If you’re lazy, or have to walk humongous and crowded airports—chances are a seat is worth its weight in gold. So don’t fret about public seating—when you carry your own around! Simply fold this bad boy up and luggage becomes a seat! There’s something kingly about carrying your little throne everywhere you go, don’t you think?


Image Source: ubergizmo

Is it a trenchcoat, is it a bag?

The Sev Carry On Coat is actually a bit of an anomaly. While you can perfectly wear it, and it’ll protect you against the elements, it also has 33 fully usable pockets. Not one, or two, but 33! You can store your shoes, tablets, change of clothes, and even the darkest secrets from your past. We think it qualifies to be a bag of a special kind.

Scooter Bag

You’ve seen it on our blog before, and you’ll see it on Indian roads before you can say wow. This nifty bag opens up to come a scooter for those airports that span kilometers or short trips to get bread for the day. You’ll find the weirdest ways to use a scooter that has a bag, or a bag that has a scooter!


Image Source: i.ytimg

The RedEye Crease-Free Bag

No matter what you do, when you pack a set of clothes in a luggage bag or overnighter—you understand that they will be creased and you’ll have to find an iron soon enough. It’s a way of life—but not anymore! LAT 56’s new innovation has a crazy way to roll your suit and other clothes in a way it’ll never get creased. More space for shirts, shoes, and tons of other things. It’s absolutely nuts!


Image Source: bostonandboston

If you think we missed out on any bag innovations that you liked in 2016, share them with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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