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Anti-Ageing And Lifestyle Changes!

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The skincare regime that our mothers adopted much later in life is something that we have to take on very early these days. Our lifestyle and the quality of everything we intake has drastically changed and we are in many ways qualitatively leading an inferior lifestyle. This amongst other things obviously takes a toll on our skin.

There are so many times that we see much older women and admire the way that they have maintained their skin. Some are born with it. For others it is a work in progress.

Here are some tips that I follow to ensure that my skin doesn’t give in to the signs of aging so easily:


First and foremost knowledge about your skin type. Once you know your skin type you will find it easier to fight aging. Also, knowledge about which skin products will suit you including which make up products are suitable for your skin type.


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Get enough rest

Your body and mind need enough rest so that it can reflect on your skin. Your skin too needs to rest and rejuvenate after a tired and worked up day.Beauty sleep is a must. Get at least eight hours of rest so that your mind body and skin can get refreshed.

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Eat Healthily

Eat your greens and fruits.  Eat fresh, and keep your skin hydrated from the inside. Include nuts, fats that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, cucumbers and other water rich fruits and vegetables in your everyday meal. Don’t crash diet. It does more harm than good. Sudden weight loss will, in fact, lead to skin sagging and further complications for you.

Diet food

Reduce your alcohol intake and quit smoking

All that these substances do to your skin is cause harm. Both are extremely injurious to your health internally as well as externally. Your lungs and liver are at high risk due to these habits and the oxidization reflects on your skin. Puffy eyes, dark lips, patchy skin, lack luster hair are just a few of the side effects on your skin.


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Fitness regime

 Sweat it out. Have a fixed fitness regime where you balance your exercise routine with your diet. It should keep your energy and fitness levels up. Don’t skip your meals or your daily exercise. It will keep your mind and body refreshed and all the toxins that are flushed out, as a result, will help refresh your skin.

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De stress

Take it easy at times. Our fast paced lifestyle leaves no time for us to stop and smell the flowers. With age, responsibilities increase and the stress comes in too. Avoid rushing or taking too much on your plate. Go to the spa, go for meditation or deep relaxation techniques. Yoga or other holistic therapies are also recommended.


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